As a Personal or Private Chef, what uniform do I wear?

Today’s question is, “what do you wear as a personal chef when you go to cook sessions?” Is there such a thing as a Personal Chef uniform?

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My first mistake as a Personal Chef

I always talk about the mistakes I made when I first started out. When I first started out, I had zero direction, which is why I do these videos in the first place. I don’t want potential chefs going out in the world, having questions unanswered, so why don’t I just give out the answers.

When I first started out, I decided my uniform was a black t-shirt and jeans. I think it would a terrible mistake for you to just wear street clothes and go into client homes. You’re not showcasing yourself in a professional way.

Shirts don’t cost much. At the least, a simple t-shirt and apron say, “hey, I’m a chef” and not, “hi, I just came from watching TV and now I’m going to come over your house and cook food for you.”

Where can you buy Personal Chef clothing?

You could go to a local print shop to have a t-shirt made. I personally really like the quality clothing with a modern look from the company Chef Works. They understand that working clothing has to breathe. Because I’m a woman, I also want the shirt to be fitted on my body and not a square, boxy man-cut. Here are numerous links to the many styles of Chef Works tops.

👘Women’s chef coat, Springfield style, Sofia style, Lansing style, Hartford style, Roxby style, Marbella style, LeMans style, Gramercy style, Marrakesh style, Verona style, Chelsea style, Elyse style

👕Women’s shirt, button down (first shirt I ever wore), knit V-neck, zip front

👖 For slacks, I wear Editor barely boot low rise in black (wait for a sale), Women’s lightweight chef pants (super comfy in black), Women’s cargo chef pant

👒Cool vent baseball cap (I wear this outside the kitchen, ha!), 👗 Apron, short, 👗 Apron, hipster, ⌚ Garmin Vivo (love it because it’s waterproof), 👠Women’s New Balance in black, thick foam (for standing long hours)

Adding a logo or company name turns your clothing into functional marketing

I highly recommend custom embroidery on your shirt or chef coat to further project a professional image. The color and script can be customized to fit your brand. You can choose to print your name, logo or name of your company on the lapel or sleeve.

Cooking in homes, it’s not unusual for clients to have friends over or other members of the community. Having a custom business shirt is another point of inexpensive marketing. The next time that person encounters someone who needs cooking services, they’re going to remember your shirt.

Your outfit is a form of advertising. It also shows off that you’re a professional. The number one way to get to a business of 100% referral is to project yourself as a true professional. One way to do that is by showing off your image and branding yourself with professional clothing.

Choose a uniform style that fits your branding style and is comfortable

Choose a personal chef uniform that you want to wear on a regular basis. Some people wear chef coats. I find them to be too thick and bulky for how I like to work. Some people like to wear the chef pants with stripes. That’s just not my style. Pick a style that works for you.

choose a Personal Chef uniform that fits your brand and style

The Favorite Part of My Personal Chef Uniform

I went through a couple “waterproof” watches before finally discovering the ⌚ Garmin Vivo. It tracks my steps, has a stopwatch that I can use at the gym, and shows time and date, handy for cooking and labeling dishes with date stamps. Mostly, however, I love it because I can wear it through hours of washing dishes and it still works and is easy to clean with its plastic-style wristband. Recommend.

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